Walking Towards Agile with Ease

Why Walking towards Agile and Not Running

Being Agile is mostly about being responsible. Agile works when people do their own work. It is important to know what is expected from us. We tend to look at our job description or listen to others to understand this. Using these sources is like running towards Agile. Walking towards agile is taking the time to know your work. It is important to know how you fit into your work.

Walking towards Agile
Walking Towards Agile

Humbleness and Love

My recent post Lasting Change for Your Life explain humbleness and love at work. Maturity is needed to make this part of our daily life. The key to walking towards Agile is to be mature. We should  avoid getting into the “us-against-them” syndrome. Also the “i-am-just-doing-my-job” is not being Agile.

Taking Stock

It is important to understand the mission statement of the company. Many sources within a company can assist you with this. Some companies are open about their goals and it would be easy to determine the general direction. Your direct manager could be another source, human resources another or reading company documentation.

The next step in walking towards Agile is to understand how your group, department or team fits into the company goals. This is also a good time to discuss your approach with your manager or team lead. Your manager will appreciate your pro-active approach and also give you the correct understanding on the strategy for your group, department or team.

What is expected from me?

You should be walking towards Agile at a slighter faster pace from this point. Take your job description we mentioned earlier. Read it carefully and try to understand the main purpose for your position within your team and finally the company. It would be great to distill it into one or two sentences. Look for areas which are not clear or which are not in line with your current understanding.


It may happen than your view of your position and what was asked for originally does not match. This should never be a point where you get nervous palpitations. This should make you be thankful since you saved a lot of time and energy working in the wrong direction. It may feel that you are not walking towards Agile, but we will discuss in a later post why you made the first step already.

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