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The Power of Scrum for Your Team

The power of Scrum is best seen in teams which understand the idea


Scrum in Rugby

Two powerhouses matching up

Using Scrum in an Agile environment correctly is more than pushing people around. In fact it is rather the opposite and it is more about working with people in a way which respects them. Projects has for far too long been seen, as a way to make people’s life difficult.

The scrum within a rugby team, is one of the key points which makes a team. It consists of 8 players, who all push together with the goal of winning the ball. Each position in the scrum has a role to play and it is only the sum total of all players which makes the difference. Each player has to be the best in his position. The true power comes when each player understands what is required from him and works with the rest of the scrum. The coach gives the game plan and as a whole the team pushes together.

The front part of the scrum consists of the physically stronger players. The front players are the foundation, with the rest of the scrum build around it. Everyone relies on them to stand strong and resist the pressure from the other team. In software development we have similar team members, on whom everyone relies on to support the rest of the team. They could be product managers, senior developers or system architects.

The next part of the scrum are the locks and flankers. The locks take the ball from the front players and pass it to the back. In development teams we have the less experienced developers, taking the ball (software) from the more experienced members mentioned above. The flankers are the players on the side of the scrum. They are called loose players and are expected to be creative. We have team members in development, who manage the creative tasks. UX, designers and front-end developers come to mind.

The eightman at the back of the scrum, binds to the second row. The purpose of this player is to push the scrum into a direction from behind. He also holds the ball between his feet at times, to find the right time to release it. The product manager comes to mind.

So where does the scrum master fit into the scrum? There is a small, yet very important player called the scrum half. The scrum master in many ways needs to “play” like this player. His strength is not in pushing players around. His real value is his nimbleness to find the right moment to throw the ball into the scrum. He also has to find the right time to take the ball from the scrum and pass it to the other players on the team (company). The scrum master needs to pick the right time for the software to be released to business. He needs to correctly time,when the software is released from the team.

The eight man and scrum master has to communicate well. The same is for the product manager and scrum master.

All of these players scrumming together, creates a symphony of a winning team.

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