Quality must be the first thought with a new product

Creating a quality product has never been easier.

Quality is a must for the modern product

Agile has become more mature and tools more creative. This combination has shortened the release cycles. We need to adjust to the quick change, in order to stay competitive. It is not an option to be just good enough. Being more efficient will be more important then ever next year. This means we need to improve in multiple areas at once. Teams will rely less on experts. Working as a whole will be the success factor.

It seems like we have a new product every day. This is great for the clients, but it puts more strain on the team. A new feature can often also affect an existing one. Another problem we face is that the new feature does not have the quality as intended. It is often more important to wait than to be the first to release. Waiting for the right time to release or implement is the key to success.

Quality could at times be difficult to drive. Thinking about quality only during implementation is too late. A good product team thinks about this from the start of product design. A method to ensure quality is constant testing. Testing needs to be relevant and timely.

It is a challenge to test a fast growing product. The product becomes more complex quickly and too big to test. Features are also connected and each scenario needs to be tested. The best way to test large systems and ensure quality is to automate the tests. People who test with quality are rare. People who can write automated tests are even more rare.

Project stress often stops us to find the time needed to write tests. Adding tests during project can slow the project down. Slow projects can also affect quality. People will try and find the quickest way to finish. This is especially true when a project is already in delay. Tests are then seen as waste and not done.

Tests are more than checking for quality alone. It could be used to plan a project. Tests can be used for team members to discuss the feature early. This could save time, since wrong assumptions are tested quickly. The team then has a higher chance to deliver quality. In some cases the product team will change a feature early due to a test result.

Quality does not have to be difficult. Design tests from the beginning to be a benefit to the project. You also need to get the right QA and use the correct tools. Quality is then easier to be achieved.


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