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Purpose of Agile Manifesto Principles

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Purpose of Agile Manifesto Principles

The agile manifesto principles focus on the customer.

The agile manifesto principles serves as a compass, which keeps our focus on what matters. It is a good idea to keep them in mind, when applying agile.

It is fun to develop software, since you create something new. It used to be enough in the early days to produce any software that worked. You wrote great code and people loved you for it. The internet has changed the way we view software and developers. It continues to change the software and the way we think. Business people think different, developers think different and our customers think different.

This change can be scary to most. Change often takes away our comfort. People enjoy comfort, since we feel secure. Comfort also does not require much from us. We can repeat what we had done before and stay happy.

Change however is needed to improve and become better. It is needed to have new software and improve quality. It is of no use for us to avoid change or delay it. Sooner or later change comes to us all. We are left with a choice to make. Do we embrace change or hide until it is too late? Prevention is better than cure. The best approach is to face the change and make decision early. This way we manage the impact of change carefully and find a way to grow out of it.

Developers are also important and the agile manifesto principles assist them. It reminds us of important points, to keep in mind while we develop. We need to reflect on how to become effective. Architecture and systems design is kept in mind constantly.

The agile manifesto principles remind us, that we write software for a reason. We have customers, who will use our software. They expect quality and speed from us. We should consider applying the agile manifesto principles carefully.

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