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Influence Upon Request or with Power

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Influence Upon Request or with Power

It is less effort to influence decisions, than to impose your will

Each one of us has the opportunity to influence a decision at some stage. The impact of our actions may vary and at times it may not be obvious.  An example may be how we affect our managers when performing well. Another instance may be where a manager decides for the people he is responsible for.

Influence should be a process to achieve a goal. It should not be the goal. Influence is often linked to having power. It is however influence without power, which is an interesting subject. A thought like servant leadership comes to mind. It is often the case that influence only with power, creates a imbalance. The quote from John EmeEdward Dalberg Acton is quite famous by now, which is “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”.

Influence is important, yet we need to caution against abuse of power. This leads me to an interesting quote which is “Influence Upon Request”, the author of which I could not find.

We often look at a situation seeing the problem at hand. It is also the case, where we see a moment for us to influence the situation. One may have the time and means to affect a change. Why does it happen that our positive influence, is not always appreciated? In the worst case we get blamed for making the problem worse.

Using a technique to influence upon request, reminds us to provide help in specific cases. Such cases are when we are asked to give our support. Using this technique, will provide us with the ability to influence people in the way they prefer.

The technique will assist us to influence someone, with better aligned results.

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