Health of a project team should be planned

New year resolutions are often made to improve health.


These resolutions are often broken early in the new year. This is most true when it comes to health. Perhaps a new way would give better results. It starts with thinking about money, time, and health at the same time. Which of these is more important?

The love of money is the root of all evil. This lesson is often misquoted. Money is not the root of all evil but the love of it is. What does the love of money mean? It is to want money more than having money for a specific reason. We need money and it is a good thing. It should however not be the focus but just a tool. A project should consider money, some projects might even generate funds. However making money the focus at all cost is never a good long term strategy. Personal health of team members should never suffer to save or increase money.

Personal health over finance sounds moral. But it also makes financial sense. Healthy team members think better, work better, and are more motivated. It is not often that managers think of this touchy topic. It could perhaps be the easiest part of a project to manage. At first it may sound that a lot of time is needed for this. In fact it saves time once the team is in the habit of managing their health.

There is a time and a place for everything. Great leaders focus on getting the timing right. Health of the team improves greatly when time is not a problem. Time well spent will in most cases increase the useful time. It may seam like two steps back but long term it will be more than just two steps forward. A well run project is very often the result of good time management.

Tomorrow brings its own worries. It is easy for us to stress over time and money in a project. We must keep our focus on our health and not the problems of tomorrow. Planning and stressing are often confused with each other. The solution is faith. Believing each day will have its own problems. Also believing that you will have enough ability to manage the problems of a specific day. Keep this in mind and have the right focus. This will result in planning and not stressing.

What is it to gain the whole world but to lose your soul? Mental health has fortunately become a serious topic. We need to be comfortable with our decisions and sleep well at night. Pushing a team for performance is often needed. But pushing people at all cost does not help everybody. A successful project should also result in a healthy team.

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