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Do we really differ that much from each other?

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Do we really differ that much from each other?

How we differ is often the focus, instead of where we are the same.

Our daily challenges are often in relationships with others. It is with this need to resolve the problems, that we start looking at ways to understand each other. An example is the study of people using tests. We also understand that most messages we give, are from body language instead of words. Work environments are also studied today, to determine ways to improve how we work. It is often the case that people look how we differ.

Why do we look at how we differ, in order to understand each other? Why in addition do we look at our personal weakness, instead of our strengths to find areas to improve? It would seem like we focus on the negative. Is this the case? We need to understand motivation, to answer the questions. It should also be noted, that we review why we look at how we differ. The purpose of this post is not to explain, that people are negative by default.

We aim to show the world our best. This is a natural and in most cases good. We however at times make the mistake, to outperform others. It is natural for us to compete with others. Healthy competition ensures we improve personally and as a group. We each differ in our focus and goals.

The challenge is however to not only focus on how we differ. Most people have more in common, than we might think. The problem we face is in making sure, we keep this in mind.

It may be found that we make more progress, by first understanding where we are the same. We can then futher use this as a foundation, to find collective solutions. In addition we could understand how we differ.

The solution is to first find common ground and then focus on how we differ.

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