Become Agile

Let me help you become more Agile

Agile ideas or projects can be tough. You need someone to help you with this, so that you can focus on your business. You can choose to hand it all over or I can work with you. I am able to work in the way which works best for you, to ensure your project completes on time.

How do you know it is a good idea to use my services, without risking your project? The best thing about Agile is you can have short turn around time, so that you can see quick results. You will be able to decide in one or two weeks if it is working.

Helping you Become Agile
Helping you Become Agile

What is needed to start?

You start by contacting me using the contact form on this site and send a short summary of your needs. This will only takes a few minutes and I will respond to you within 48 hours. My approach is to use the minimum amount of information, while giving you loads of value. We will meet for a brief introductory meeting, for me to understand more details about your project. You will receive a summary of the meeting within 24 hours. The summary will contain Minutes of the Meeting, as well as the tasks we identify together.

You will further receive a plan from me within 7 days, from the moment you have received the report mentioned above, with the project charter and schedule. A nice Agile approach to get you results from the start!

There is not commitment from you, except for spending the time to meet with me. This is a risk free approach and you manage to access to someone who will be passionate about your project and it’s people. Looking forward to hear from you, so that we can work together.

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