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Applying agile in software development using lean

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Applying agile in software development using lean

The purpose of applying agile techniques, can be understood by looking at what influence agile

Look into applying agile and you will read about the Toyota lean process. People manage their work, thinking about the current task. They concentrate on the current task and move to the next task once it is done. The agile manifesto describes a lean way of software development. The agile manifesto explains how to stop waste in a few simple lines.

To say work is a waste, may sound wrong. Stopping waste is to focus on the right task. Work smart and not hard, as the old saying goes. Removing waste is to focus value and not all tasks. Tasks which are not needed is a waste of time.

Agile focus on working people to make decisions. Decisions are made for each task. Project teams do not rely on a project plan. Limited planning is done by people, who do the work and not someone else. Applying agile is to consider people and how they work.

People managing tasks in applying agile, may look like people without training should managing teams. It is easy to see in the workplace how this view is created. Applying agile, includes good communication. Each person should know what to do and what is excpected from them. Each task should also have an owner.

Applying agile is not about new ways of working. It is also not an excuse to not do planning. The current way of working should be adapted, to find easier ways to achieve goals. It is team effort and each person decides on his own work.

Agile is a natural step in development to work in a more lean way. It is applied to stop waste, improve learning, decide late, deliver fast and give the team a voice. Applying it should also be done in an lean way. Small constant changes and checking if the change works.

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  • Charl Erasmus

    May 2, 2017 at 1:44 am

    I really enjoy the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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