What is an Agile mindset

Understanding an Agile mindset

The Agile mindset makes your life easier and also helps you work better. Daily work becomes more fun if you work this way. You work with less rules and fewer documents. This creates more time to work instead of following a fixed plan. You solve problems quickly whenever they happen.

The team is the focus instead of a single person. The same team focus on the same tasks or problems. The team decides together, rather than using a project plan.

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                                       Understanding Agile

The amount of work is broken into small pieces. The thing can be a product or an idea. All pieces put together finally makes the deliverable. An Agile mindset applies to the work place, as well as in your personal life. It becomes a habit quickly and you can see quick results. It is the path of least resistance at speed.

Path to Agile

Reaching an Agile mindset is hard and at first it seems like chaos without a path. It takes effort, but it is fun! In a short amount of time you notice more things get done. It takes faith in yourself, the team and the goal. It is best to make small changes and only one change at a time. The Agile mindset takes time to get right. You need to understand it is a long term process, therefore it is important to be patient and stay focused.

The path to an Agile mindset can be tricky.
The path to an Agile mindset can be tricky.

Good team spirit makes it easy to change the workplace. Only start a task, once everyone is in agreement. Put the team first! The results will come once the team is happy. Solve problems quickly, since problems do not solve themselves. Be honest and firm, without being rude.

Team of Leaders

The whole team should have an Agile mindset.
The whole team should have an Agile mindset.

Each team member needs to be a leader. You need to make sure your tasks are done on time. You need to be ready to help. Each team member is valuable and can help with any task. An Agile mindset is to be aware of your environment.

Ask the following questions to help you self-manage:

  • What is my role?
  • What is my current task?
  • Is someone stuck?
  • Should I speak up?
  • Where can I improve?
  • Where can the team improve?

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