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The Home of All Things Agile!

How does Agile improvement help me?

What do we understand today when we hear the phrase Agile Improvement. A large number of people have an opinion on what agile means, which are not always the same opinions. One can sometimes spend more time arguing about agile, than actually doing work using it. Should we look towards a formal dictionary definition to assist us in the journey?


1. quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe

2. active; lively

3. marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware

How can we help make your life Agile today? We can stay focussed with an Agile mindset and get more done with less. Keeping lean principles in mind is a starting point in applying agile, in order to get a good foundation on the topic:

agile improvement

Navigating the with Agile Improvement

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Amplify learning
  3. Decide as late as possible
  4. Deliver as fast as possible
  5. Empower the team
  6. Build integrity in
  7. See the whole

The principles bring value separately, but it is the combination of them all when the real value is found. You can work on each area, therefore making it less difficult to manage.

One can then use each new skill as a building block and use them in combinations. Results can be productive, by using a combination of the skills. Not everyone has a natural ability to apply the principles, therefore it takes the time to understand when to apply each skill.

My offer to you

Please join me on the journey of exploring this strange and wonderful topic together. I will not claim to be the expert on all things agile, however, my hope for this site is to become more of an expert than I am today.

You are welcome to contact me with questions, ideas or just to have a chat.  Therefore help me to build this site if you see an area which needs improving.

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