Getting Behind the Project Progress

 Understand the project progress

Good project progress is not easy to achieve. The project manager needs to keep an eye on it at all times, in order to make sure it makes steady progress. Every person in the team and each activity work together as a unit. You can see the full picture by understanding each component.

The project will become more clear, therefore increase the chance to complete on time.  When you understand each area well, no doubt the complete project will be easier to understand.

Is a project a person or not?

You can further make the job easier, by thinking of the project as a person. It will behave in ways, which will leave you puzzled.  The results are often difficult to understand, as a result of how each person acts. Team work is dynamic for this reason, it is not easy to keep track of all work at all times.

We can make difficult topics easier, before jumping into managing a complex set of work. The task of tracking work can be made easier, for instance by thinking of the project as a person. This approach allows you to monitor progress at a higher level, therefore you can spend less time on the details.

Steady project progress is key
Steady project progress is key

Steady rate of work

You can free yourself from managing work, which is less important by thinking at a higher level. A steady rate of work is then possible, with this in mind. The freedom of having less work gives you the option of focussing on the more important task of keeping the work in sync. Keeping the work in sync will result in a steady rate of work.

You need to get into a habit of stepping back when you are overwhelmed by strange behavior. The next step is to ask the question, “Why is the person (project) behaving this way?”.